Our first Horse of the Month is Tom.



(Goodnight Mr Tom) 

Tom was born in 1995. He is a dark bay gelding 14.2 HH and his breeding is unknown (possibly Fell/Dales X)

He was purchased by the Washington Riding Centre in April 2007. His previous owner had enjoyed many happy years with him doing dressage, cross country and show jumping. She was very sad to part with him but she was going away to university and wouldn't be able to take him so decided to sell him to us. She still keeps in touch to see how he is.

Tom is what's known as a 'all rounder'.He can do everything! This year he qualified for the RDA National Dressage Championships at Hartpury College Gloucestershire and held his own among some top class horses. Tom's 'every day job' is teaching able bodied and disabled people to ride. He also jumps really well and is always a popular pony to take to camp in the summer where we hack in Chopwell Woods and jump the cross country course at Almondside Farm.

Tom is a fantastic character, he is very gentle and kind, you can do pretty much anything with him. If you know Tom you will have noticed that he rubs the hair off his mane in the Summer. This is because he has a condition called Sweet Itch. When he is bitten by midges he has an allergic reaction to their saliva which makes him itch then he scratches. He wears a special rug all through the Summer when he is out in the field to protect him from the midges and we feed him garlic which also helps. 

Tom is definitely one of the favourites at the WRC. He is sometimes a bit 'lively' but never means to frighten or hurt anyone, that's just Tom......... and we wouldn't change him for the world!