This month the Horse of the Month is Rio




Rio was born in 1997 which makes her 13years old.  She is a chestnut mare with flaxen mane and tail. She is 14.3HH and her breed is Welsh X


Rio came to the Washington Riding Centre in Jan 2002.  She was purchased with donations given to the Riding Centre.


We do not know much about her history before we got her but she was purchased from Tillery Riding Centre at Ponteland.


Rio is an absolute 'all rounder'. She is great on the flat, is a fabulous jumper and is as 'safe as houses' out on a hack. She can be ridden by the most novice child and advanced adult. You can't get more versatile than that.


In 2004 Rio competed at the RDA National Dressage Championship in Gloucestershire with Louise Forrest. She was placed 1st and 2nd and won the championship in musical dressage. The national competition is a huge event and considering Rio does not go to many places away from home her behaviour was outstanding.


Wherever she goes she is a super star. We always take her to Almondside for summer camp and we often go to Bywell for cross country schooling and she's first on the list to go. I can trust her 100% and that makes worth her weight in gold to us.


One of the few things Rio does not like is being shod. If you come to the Centre you will notice that she doesn't wear shoes. She doesn't need them because her feet are very hard. It is possible to shoe her but she gets very stressed about it so I don't think it is worth worrying her for no real reason.


We don't generally clip her because she doesn't sweat very much and doesn't grow a very heavy winter coat.


She loves being groomed and pampered and is a favourite on Pony Care Days. We always groom her in the stable because if you tie her up she pulls back and snaps the rope! She is sometimes a bit grumpy to tack up but she wouldn't bite or do anything mean, she just pulls a face!

Rio is a superstar and I have been asked to sell her a dozen times but she is far too special to sell. Rio will be here for a very long time.