Apollo is featured this month 

Pontlasse Apollo


Apollo was born in May 2001 and sold at the Welsh pony sales as a yearling.  He came up to Northumberland and spent the next four years running with other youngsters on a farm in Alnmouth.


In Sept 2006 the Centre found itself in a position to be able to buy a new horse and Jane started looking around.


She spotted an advert in the journal and went to see Apollo. He was very shy and unhandled. During the previous four years the only handling had consisted of getting his feet trimmed every six weeks and being wormed.  None the less, he had a kind eye and was the perfect size and build for our requirements.


So, Apollo arrived at the WRC and his training began. It didn't take long to win his trust and breaking in was very straight forward. Over the summer he hacked out and around the place and grew in confidence.  Then disaster struck !!


In Oct 2007 he contracted a virus which completely debilitated him.  He had no energy, he was depressed and lethargic and obviously he couldn't work.  There was not any treatment that could be given, it was just a matter of time until his body fought the virus.  It took five months and Apollo never returned 100% to being the horse he was before.  He did however recover and went back to very light work at first and gradually we built it up.


Apollo is very sensitive to ride so is used for the more advanced riders. He works 'on the bit' and gives you a lovely feel for being 'engaged' and balanced.


Last year he entered his first show.  It was a Mountain and Moorland class (as he is a Welsh Section D)  He came 5th in hand and 3rd under saddle which we were thrilled about.  He behaved impeccably and we were very proud of him.


He is very handsome and has a wonderful personality. He is never grumpy or unpleasant, always pleased to see you and loves any attention that you can give him.  Being young he still enjoys playing with all the other horses in the field and really enjoys their company.


Last summer he was plagued with flies which bit his neck and made him very uncomfortable so we bought him a fly rug which he wears all the time when he is out at grass.  Being black, he attracts flies and midges.  Other than that, he is easy to care for, he just needs company and plenty of TLC.