Bramble is the next to be featured in Horse of the Month



 Bramble was born in 1991. He is a bay gelding 12.2 HH and his breeding is unknown. The Washington Riding Centre bought Bramble in Oct 2005.  He was already known to our Instructor, Jane Cherry, as his previous owners had come for lessons with Bramble for a few years prior.  After both sisters had outgrown Bramble he was offered for sale and Jane jumped at the chance.

 Bramble is a super child's pony. He is well schooled, he jumps really well and is a safe hack.  However, he is not very good to handle on the ground or in his stable.  The reason for this is that Bramble is very 'territorial'. That means he is protective of his own space and threatens people who go into his stable.  It is not known why he is so defensive but we understand every horse is an individual and each has its own needs.

  We have a notice on his stable door to prevent inexperienced people going into his stable.  Usually a member of staff tacks him up and leads him out for lessons.  Once the rider is on his back he is a perfect gentleman. 

 Off course children fall off small ponies occasionally but that is usually because the children are small and inexperienced and because of that, lose their balance.

 I think Bramble reminds us that horses are individuals and we need to respect that, as long as we do we are safe and enjoy our horses.

 We also need to remember that he is 'getting on' in years. That is easy to forget with Bramble as he still looks so young for his age.  He definitely isn't ready for retirement yet but we  will adjust his workload as we see necessary.  I am sure that we have lots more happy years of riding Bramble ahead of us!