Ed is the featured horse this month.





Ed was born in 1996. He is a dark bay gelding 15.3 HH and an Irish Draught X Thoroughbred.


Ed was purchased by the WRC in Aug 2007. His previous owner sold him because he had bought Ed to hunt and Ed was never very happy about the hounds. Before that we know that Ed had done some show jumping and dressage and was affiliated to the British Dressage Group and had 'points'. While he has been here Ed has competed successfully twice at the RDA dressage championships at Hartbury College in Gloucester.


Ed's temperament is second to none, he is safe and steady and 100% in any situation. This along with his schooling and experience makes him a superb horse for the Riding Centre. He can be ridden by novice riders and more advanced riders too. Ed is a gentle horse who is always pleasant to handle.


There is only one thing Ed doesn't like and that is being clipped!! Last year you may have noticed he sported a rather interesting clip, one side done and one side not!! Let's hope we have more luck this year