Strider is the featured horse this month



Strider was born in 1998. He is a grey Cob and is 15.1HH.


Strider came to the WRC in May 2003. He was purchased with money raised by Boldon Golf Club and the C.I.S. We bought him from a riding school in Ponteland but he originally came from Ireland.


Strider has been an absolute super star! He is so versatile. He is calm and steady with our RDA riders and AB beginners but if you take him out hacking or cross country schooling he can leave the rest standing!! There isn't really anything that Strider cannot do.


Now so far he has sounded like the paragon of virtue but he does have a couple of bad habits!! Strider is the greediest horse on the yard. Unfortunately the feed room is directly opposite the arena door and many an unsuspecting volunteer has been dragged through the door very unceremoniously to seek out a feed dish with possibly a crumb of food to offer! Hence, we keep the door to the feed room firmly closed when he is around.


His greed was his downfall over Xmas. When it was really icy on the yard he escaped out of his stable (on the hunt for food no doubt) and he slipped on the ice and did the splits with his back legs. Ouch!! He badly strained his groin muscles and had several weeks off work. He has only recently returned to full time work as we have just gradually built up his workload over the last 6 weeks. I am not sure if he has learned his lesson but he definitely felt very sorry for himself.


The other thing that he isn't very good about is getting his feathers clipped. He will let you do his face and the rest of his body without problem, but touch those feathers and he does an impersonation of someone doing 'River Dance'


These things just add to his character. I defy anyone not to love that gorgeous face. I can't tell you how many people have asked to buy him but as long as he is happy in his work here he won't be going anywhere!