This month we are featuring Zonik


Every horse has a 'story'.  Unless you bred them and kept them their whole life we will never know the whole story but we pick up snippets and you can tell by behaviour what sort of past a horse has had.  We know, and you can tell, that Zonik was very much loved and cared for.  This is his story.

Zonik had a very successful career as a dressage horse.  He and his owner spent most weekends competing at dressage competitions in the north area.  He was always immaculately turned out (not easy with a grey!).  He has a lot of presence and although I didn't see him in his 'heyday' I can imagine he was stunning.

Then tragedy struck: his owner died very suddenly and unexpectedly.  Zonik was turned out to grass for a holiday while the family came to terms with their loss.  Zonik was looked after by his owner's aunt and after a while she noticed that Zonik was getting a bit bored and it seemed a waste of such a fabulous horse.  So, when she saw my advert in a local paper for a school master on loan she gave me a ring.  That was nearly two years ago and Zonik has become a firm favourite with many riders.  He is lovely to ride, he has nice paces and is very well schooled.  He is in his twilight years and can start off a bit stiff but soon loosens up and is a dream to ride and teach with.

Zonik is an absolute gentleman.  His manners are impeccable.  However, every horse has a little 'quirk'.  Zonik's is that he knows he is gorgeous and in the herd he has his own little group of ladies which he will fight over with the other geldings.  To make sure none of the horses, including him, get hurt he has his own field with his ladies and a few friends.  But if that's his only downfall, we can live with it.  We are very privileged to loan him and hope we can continue for a long time yet.