This month the Horse of the Month is Meg  (Oct 2012)






Meg was born in 1997 making her 15 years old. She is a dark bay mare. She is 14.2HH and she is Registered Welsh Section D.


Meg was purchased from the Welsh sales as a yearling by Mr Reed. He broke her to drive and also bred from her.  Unfortunately he became very ill and in 2007 he donated her to the W.R.C because he could no longer look after her.


When she came to the Centre we trained her to be ridden under saddle and at first she was ridden by staff.  After a few months she was introduced to lessons.  It was clear form the start that Meg was an anxious pony.  She liked to be in a group but did not have the confidence to be lead file.  As you can imagine, this caused some problems with novice riders. 


Meg became more and more unsettled and in 2010 Jane took the decision to try re homing Meg. It was possible she would settle down with the consistency of one owner, one rider.


Jane found the perfect home for Meg with a young girl who would have fun with her doing Pony Club activities and lots of hacks.  It turned out to be the best thing for Meg, she thrived in her new home and really settled down. During those two years Meg had lots of positive experiences and became much more confident so on her return we tried her in lessons again.


This time was much more successful!  Meg has been back since June and is now used in many lessons.  She still needs some work on her canter but she is much more relaxed in general and working well in lessons.


Meg has a really sweet nature and is very pretty so has lots of fans. We hope she continues to enjoy her work at the WRC and is here for a long time to come.