Cyd is the featured Horse of the Month April 2015





I have decided it's time for Cyd to retire and become a lady of leisure so it seemed fitting we celebrate her long career with WRC and make her Horse of the Month.

I remember as clear as day first meeting Cyd. We had some money raised by Washington C.I.D. to buy a pony.  I took my niece Vicki with me to try her since she was too small for me to try.  It was April 1994.  Her name was Pepsi and she was stabled in Durham.  We changed her name to Cyd to remind us of the generosity of the C.I.D. but changed the spelling to Cyd since she was a mare.

I wonder how many hundreds of small children have had their first experience of sitting on a pony astride Cyd in the past 21 years! For every one of them it was a happy experience because Cyd is such a sweet well behaved pony.  I'm not saying she is an angel, when the vet comes to give her annual booster she becomes a rearing demon!!  I am just thankful she is only 11.3HH and not 16HH.

We have always been very careful with Cyd's diet and access to grass as she gets a condition called Laminitis.  Even though she only goes out for a few hours during the day she has never been naughty to catch or grumpy when she had to stay in. That could be because she stayed in with her beloved friend Wispa. I can't remember when those two paired up, it seems like they always shared a stable. Wispa was boss, she pushed Cyd around and pinched her food but Cyd still loves her.

We have our new stable block now so Cyd and Wispa have their own stables but are neighbours so they can still see each other.  Cyd is now a grand old lady of 32 years, she needs extra food and a place of her own to feel relaxed and safe. Retirement has brought some new and exciting changes for Cyd. It is only what she deserves for her 21 years of exemplary service to us.

I hope that her retirement is a long one as the place would not be the same without her.